Procedural Writing

WALHT write a procedural .
Something I leaned about procedural writing is you need a list of ingredients.
Something I would like to do better is use more adverbs.
Here is my writing.

Jelly pops

How to make delicious jelly pops.

What do you need?
  • Cold water (½ cup)
  • A whisk
  • Boiling water 1 cup
  • Fruit sticks
  • Party cups
  • A jug/bowl
  • Measuring cup
  • Jelly crystals
1  Prepare  the party cups upright on a flat surface.                                                                           
2  Pour the boiling water into the measuring cup .   
3  Tip the jelly crystals into boiling water and stir till dissolved.
4  Add the cold water into the measuring cup.
5  Carefully pour the jelly into the party cups.
6  Take the fruit sticks and stick them into the party cups.
7  Take the jelly pops and pop them in the fridge to set.
8   ENJOY.

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